Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers offer outstanding performance for even the most demanding of websites with the latest Intel & Dell technology combining unparalleled server specification, bandwidth and service with a low monthly fee.

Choose from our Dual Core and Quad Core dedicated servers. Both come with unlimited bandwidth and your choice of either Linux or Windows operating systems.

 Dual Core Dedicated ServerQuad Core Dedicated ServerLarge Disk Dedicated Server
Processor:Dual Core Xeon 2.33GhzQuad Core Xeon 2.50Ghz Quad Core Xeon 2.93GHz
Server Memory (RAM):4GB8GB16GB
Unlimited Bandwidth:YesYesYes
Server Hard Drive:2 x 160GB SATA
(160GB Usable Space)
2 x 250GB SATA
(250GB Usable Space)
2 x 1TB SATA
(1TB Usable Space)
Setup Fee:FreeFreeFree
Hardware RAID:YesYesYes
Remote Server Reboot:YesYesYes
Root System Access:YesYesYes
IP Addresses:2 Free2 Free2 Free
Bandwidth Graphs & Reporting:YesYesYes
cPanel & WHM:OptionOptionOption
Server Back-Ups:OptionOptionOption
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Linux Dedicated Server Features
Operating System:Linux
Web Based Admin:WebMin or cPanel (option)WebMin or cPanel (option)WebMin or cPanel (option)
Web Server:ApacheApacheApache
Mail Server:EximEximExim
FTP Server:Pro FTPPro FTPPro FTP
Programming Languages:PHP, Perl & PythonPHP, Perl & PythonPHP, Perl & Python
Price:£80.00 Per Month£130.00 Per Month£200.00 Per Month
Set-up Fee:FreeFreeFree
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Windows Dedicated Server Features
Operating System:Windows
Windows Web Server 2008 R2
Windows Web Server 2008 R2
Windows Web Server 2008 R2
Web Server:IIS 7.5IIS 7.5IIS 7.5
Mail Server:Mail EnableMail EnableMail Enable
FTP Server:Microsoft FTPMicrosoft FTPMicrosoft FTP
Database:MS SQL ExpressMS SQL ExpressMS SQL Express
Programming Languages:ASP,, .NET FrameworkASP,, .NET FrameworkASP,, .NET Framework
Price:£90.00 Per Month£140.00 Per Month£210.00 Per Month
Windows Standard Server 2008:£40.00 Extra Per Month£40.00 Extra Per Month£30.00 Extra Per Month
Set-Up Fee:FreeFreeFree
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